Integration with QuickBooks and other ERPs

DocStudio can integrate EDI with Quickbooks, Netsuite, SAGE 50 Peachtree , Epicor , Sage 100,300, X3Infor, Dynamics, Navision, and other ERP systems.

  • Convert your incoming purchase orders to sales orders
  • Generate your invoices in Web EDI and then load them back into QuickBooks
  • Custom Integrations is also available for other applications such as Warehouse Management Systems.

Integrating EDI with your business application has a lot of benefits. Business Applications typically do not allow proprietary translated files to be imported or exported without doing some programming. Our integration bridge tool directly links the translated EDI file to the Business Application. 

The following are the benefits of integrating your business application:

  • <span class="text-color-blue">Sales Order Entry:</span> Spend less time on data entry. Instead of re-keying customer PO fields from Web-EDI to your application, an incoming 850 PO can automatically become a sales order in your ERP.
  • <span class="text-color-blue">Accounts Receivable Invoice Processing:</span> Invoicing is crucial to your business application. You can generate EDI invoices on our Web-EDI and automatically import them into your accounts receivable system. Another option is to do all your invoicing in your business application and have them automatically exported as 810 Invoices that meet your customer’s requirements.
  • <span class="text-color-blue">Payment Reconciliation:</span> Your EDI customers often transmit an EDI transaction called an 820 Remittance Advice. This transaction shows check-EFT payment data, such as a check or EFT trace number. In addition to basic check-EFT data, the 820 also shows which invoices have been paid and if any adjustments have been made to your invoice (e.g., Freight Charges, Returns, or Deductions). Most companies simply convert the 820 Remittance Advice to a human-readable report and manually conduct invoice reconciliation. DocStudio’s Remit Integration tool has an integration feature that can potentially automatically post which payments have been paid and when.
  • <span class="text-color-blue">Warehouse Management Application:</span> DocStudio’s integration tool can help integrate 856 Advanced Ship Notices with your warehouse management system. You can generate 856 ASN Data on the DocStudio platform and then integrate that data to keep your WMS in sync.

Improve productivity and reduce error rates with integration. Reach out to our sales team for an EDI Integration quote and proposal.

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