Free Technical Support

A dedicated account rep will be assigned to your account, and we will proactively engage you to help you set up your account. The account rep will continue to help you out with any issues that may come up. We offer 100% free technical support, and we are available 24/7. DocStudio associates are passionate about EDI and eager to help you with your EDI needs.

  • <span class="text-color-blue">In-House Support</span>

Your questions are answered by qualified EDI professionals and we do not outsource your questions to an outside company. Our support staff is well-acquainted with our software and can answer your questions accurately and competently.

  • <span class="text-color-blue">Free Training and Blogs</span>

We are proud to have the most extensive educational blog in the industry and provide free online training that will help you.

  • <span class="text-color-blue">Phone Support</span>

Give us a call 24x7! DocStudio EDI offers FREE phone support to all of our users.

  • <span class="text-color-blue">Email Support</span>

Email is a great way to get in touch with an EDI professional. Feel free to email us anytime.

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