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<span class="text-color-blue">GS1-128 Labels</span>

Most retailers require compliance with GS1-128 barcode labels (formerly known as UCC-128 labels) to accompany an Advanced Ship Notice. Using our web-based EDI system you can easily print labels from the browser. There is no need to install barcode-labeling software. However, we also integrate with industry standard barcode labeling software and can extract barcode data directly into your solution.

<span class="text-color-blue">Packing Slips </span>

DocStudio has pre-designed packing slips for most of your customers already. You can export these into Excel or PDF and include them with your packaging.

<span class="text-color-blue">Other Barcode Labels</span>

There are other barcode labels used in the industry such as the SSCC (Standard Serialized Container Code) that DocStudio EDI will implement per your customers requirements.

<span class="text-color-blue">Integration With FedEx and UPS</span>

Seamlessly generate carrier shipping labels directly from DocStudio WEB-EDI.

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