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<span class="text-color-blue">EDI Compliance in minutes</span>

Are you under pressure to become EDI compliant from your existing or potential customer? Using our simple online sign-up and set-up wizard you can become EDI compliant in a matter of minutes and in about an hour you will get a call from our experienced EDI specialist to kick-off your solution. We will notify your customer right after you sing-up that we are ready to start testing and will do our best to make you be ready for production in no-time.

<span class="text-color-blue">Get an EDI Sender ID and Setup Kit 15 Minutes</span>

After completing our user friendly setting up wizard you will be assigned an EDI Sender ID and a setup kit that you can start sharing with your customers immediately.

<span class="text-color-blue">Work Starts Immediately On Your Account – 24 Hours</span>

A DocStudio EDI project manager will be assigned to your account and will be in touch the same day you complete the sign-up wizard which only takes 15 minutes to complete.
GS1-128 Labels & Packing Slips.

<span class="text-color-blue">Cloud Web-Based Solution</span>

Breeze through your Purchase Orders with clarity! Process your invoices and shipments in a few clicks! We have built the most user-friendly Web-Based EDI System in the market.

<span class="text-color-blue">Turn Purchase Orders into Invoices and Shipment Docs in Seconds</span>

We have engineered our Web-Based EDI system so that you can create invoices, shipment documents, and other transactions with just a few clicks and minimum manual entry. Take advantage of features such as Auto-Complete, Default Values, and User-Defined templates. Here are a few examples for processing Invoices or Purchase Orders:

<span class="text-color-blue">EDI Invoicing Easy as 1, 2, 3 –</span>

  1. Pick the PO or POs that you want to ship
  2. Update quantities and terms as needed
  3. Submit Invoice the invoice and wait for payment.

<span class="text-color-blue">Advanced Ship Notice Easy as 1, 2, 3 -</span>

  1. Pick the PO or POs that you want to ship
  2. Update Quantities as needed and select packaging structure (e.g., standard pack vs pick and pack)
  3. Print GS1-128 labels to accompany your shipment.

<span class="text-color-blue">Track your shipments, payments, and orders -</span>

  • Paid
  • Acknowledged
  • Shipped
  • Changed

<span class="text-color-blue">Access To Data in Your Favorite Programs –</span>

  • Export files to Excel
  • Download PDF Reports
  • View raw data of the EDI transactions

<span class="text-color-blue">Email Alerts –</span>

  • Receive emails when new transactions arrive (e.g., a new Purchase Order arrived)
  • Receive emails for outstanding 997 Acknowledgements
  • Receive emails for critical business exception errors

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